The Chocolate Diet

Eating chocolates to lose weight is the dream of most dieters. If you are overweight, you can consider melting the fats in your body by including chocolate in your daily diet. Chocolate diet is considered a fad diet by some health experts. Nonetheless, numerous obese and overweight individuals have indeed managed to lose weight with the help of this diet. According to the supporters of the chocolate diet, a morbidly obese person could lose almost 200 pounds within 16 months by eating six slabs of rich dark chocolate daily. Low calorie diets that eliminate chocolates from the daily diet often leave the dieter dissatisfied. Excessive sweet craving often prevents dieters to sustain their weight loss diet for a prolonged period. The chocolate diet recommends inclusion of a small amount of chocolate in the daily diet to satisfy the sugar craving of the dieter. Dieters following the chocolate diet are not tempted to abandon their healthy diet plan. Moreover, supporters of this diet plan claim that chocolate diet could heal chocolate addiction. According to Sally Ann Voak, a successful British diet author, chocoholics could be divided into six categories. Secret bingers eat chocolates secretly. 
Romantics consider chocolates as an alternative to emotional and physical affection. Chocolate serves as a comfort food of depressed or stresses individuals. Sugar addicts address their sugar craving with chocolates. Weekend indulgers overeat chocolates on weekends or for celebrations. Women often overindulge in chocolates for treating emotional distress before periods. At the beginning of the chocolate diet, dieters should avoid chocolates for a week. According to the supporters of this diet plan, this helps the dieters to control their chocolate addiction. The normal daily diet of dieters should comprise of low calorie vegetables, low fat milk and herbal tea. Dieters should snack with chocolates daily. The rich dark chocolate should provide between 50 and 300 calories per day. On the first week of the chocolate diet, the dieter should follow a 1000 calories diet per day. From the second week, the total calorie intake of the dieter should be between 1200 and 1500 calories per day. To facilitate weight loss, dieters should combine the chocolate diet with regular activities like brisk walking, swimming and yoga. You can find out more info here:


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